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Stone Harbor Adopts Flood Mitigation Plan & Storm Sewer Master Plan

Posted May 23rd 2022

Over the winter, an in-depth plan for flood mitigation was presented to Stone Harbor Borough Council and the planning board by municipal engineer Marc DeBlasio and Cody Stanford of DeBlasio & Associates. The plan was adopted at the May Council meeting, and includes steps to both educate the Borough and the public on the existing challenges of flooding and coastal hazards, as well as providing steps and recommendations for capital improvements and projects to further mitigate these hazards.

The plan was broken into three levels over a 25-year span. The first level of projects was identified as the highest in both priority and the estimated certainty of success: bulkhead replacements; the construction of storm sewer pump stations; beach and dune maintenance; marina improvements; property and roadway elevations; and enhanced flood notification systems.

In the second level were potential projects, which also had cost restrictions or further analysis required. Those are planned for years 10-20. And the third-level projects were identified but required funding for additional research in the 20-25-year timespan. In identifying the three priority levels, it was noted that the first of two Borough storm sewer pump stations is under final design and plans are set for construction in early fall of 2022.

Detailed analysis was conducted in order to identify the projects, including a flood hazard assessment that was presented with information on the island’s existing layout and topography; a timeline of coastal tidal data and increasing sea levels; bulkhead elevations, and the Borough’s FEMA Community Rating System (CRS) status.

“Flooding is one of the biggest challenges that coastal communities face and comprehensive planning is a necessity,” said Stone Harbor Mayor Judith Davies-Dunhour. “This plan serves as a foundation and guide which will contribute to our community’s resiliency and long-term sustainability.”
The full presentation can be found on the Borough’s website, by accessing the April 11, 2022 Council meeting recording, and a pdf of the plan presented by DeBlasio & Associates can also be found on the Borough’s website at

Photo caption: As part of its study, DeBlasio & Associates presented three maps of Stone Harbor, detailing elevations below 4, 5, and 6 feet, further demonstrating the need for future flood mitigation planning.

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