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Trash Collection Changes Set For 2023

Posted July 25th 2022

The Boroughs of Avalon and Stone Harbor plan to move to use uniform, roll-out solid waste and recycling containers for trash collection beginning in May 2023.

Stone Harbor will require homeowners to have an ANSI Z245.60 – 2008 Type B plastic receptacle with suitable handles, wheels, metal bar, and tight-fitting covers, with up to a 96-gallon capacity. In addition, a change for trash collection went into place on July 11: All Stone Harbor properties with a pool or pets now need to move their trash receptacles outside of their fenced area, and cans will be returned to outside (no longer inside) the fenced area. Avalon also recently changed its policy on trash can return from yard-side to curbside in order to maintain the current trash collection schedule through the summer.

“The Borough’s intention is to continue to provide the same high-quality trash collection that our homeowners and visitors expect,” said Stone Harbor Mayor Judith Davies-Dunhour. “These minor changes will streamline the service while improving safety during the collection process.”

The Borough of Avalon will provide one roll-out trash cart and one roll-out recycling cart to every household prior to the launch of the program. Businesses will also be provided with one 2-yard container, where applicable. The 96-gallon carts are also microchipped so that any containers lost to the streets in the event of storms or flooding can be returned to the proper house. Because they are more heavy-duty and wind-resistant – with sturdy lids – the use of these new containers will also protect the island’s wildlife by preventing trash from being blown around.

“We are excited about the transition to the new solid waste and recycling containers as we continue to improve our waste disposal programs in Avalon,” said Mayor Martin Pagliughi. “This program checks all of the boxes regarding financial and environmental issues with solid waste disposal and we anticipate seeing remarkable improvements as soon as the containers are rolled out to our community.”

Avalon is currently seeking to bid for new contracts that include side-yard return – where trash haulers bring containers back to the sides of homes instead of leaving them curbside – as an option. The 2023 budget will account for the purchase of new carts for all Avalon homes and businesses.

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