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Boroughs Get Ready For 5G

Posted November 16th 2020

Cellular data isn’t just for cellphones these days, with a number of modern devices relying on the technology. These include security systems, garage doors, televisions, and of course our new best friend, Alexa. As the island’s seasonal population continues to grow along with the development of more and more technology, the Seven Mile Beach finds that its current 4G service, the fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology, is running out of space.

As a solution, the boroughs of Avalon and Stone Harbor are joining efforts under Avalon Councilman Sam Wierman’s direction to prepare for 5G implementation. Although just one step higher in generation, the 5G technology is much different than its predecessor specifically in transmitting data to customers. While 4G can be transmitted via antennas affixed to the top of two island municipal towers, 5G requires small nodes and antennas throughout the community to provide adequate service.

Plans are underway to place these nodes on utility poles that do not carry primary power as well as “stealth” poles that can perform similar to street lights. Major benefits for residents and the boroughs include a greater opportunity to retain cellphone service, increased streaming delivered to homes, the ability to accommodate the expansion of demands for cellular-dependent wireless devices, and enhanced emergency management capabilities.

The first wave of 5G technology is scheduled to be installed by Memorial Day weekend of 2021.

“The main thing people will notice is the increased speed of 5G vs. 4G, which can be compared to the switch to HDTV from standard definition,” Wierman said. “5G speed will be the new norm; faster downloads, web-browsing and streaming will give users a better mobile experience.”

Any implementation will occur after ordinances are adopted from both municipalities, planned before the end of 2020.

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